Keynote Forums


The forum, a core brand, initiated and hosted by China Commerce Development Center, has been holding the kernel philosophies of openness, collaboration and innovation, and focusing on providing customized solutions and establishing top-level platforms of cooperation and exchange, ever since the commencement of the forum's first session in Beijing in 1999. The forum, with the top-rated repository of China Commerce Development Research Institute as uptake device, and with industry platform as circulating carrier, has long been concentrated on how to empower local economic revitalization and corporate sustainable development, and committed to innovating business models and propelling commerce development.

The forum takes "High-Quality Development of Commerce Promotes Common Prosperity" as its theme, aims at setting up a top-notch platform of cooperation and exchange for both government bodies and business enterprises, and boosting the high-quality development of commercial circulation in China, Asia and even the entire world. In addition, several parallel summits and forums are affiliated to the forum, and set to analyze and penetrate current development situations from different perspectives of the industry.

Parallel Summits & Forums

6+ Sessions of Summits & Forums

China Health Agricultural Industry

High-Quality Development Forum

Trendy Food Industry

Innovation Summit

China Food & Beverage

New Consumption Forum

Release of Social Organization Standards by

Healthy Food Management Practices

Safety Technology Innovation

Sustainability of Agricultural Development...

Baima Future Food Research Institute

Take Highlands of Cutting-Edge Tech

Adopt Innovative Capability to Help

Promote Industrial Development...

Empower Brand Building & Transforming

Invite Brand Marketing Experts to Attend

Appraise, Review & Select Entries for

China Brand Marketing Awards...

2023 China

Food & Beverage Capital Forum

Forum on "Drinking Water

Science & Technology"

China Prepared Food Industry

Development Summit

China Food & Beverage Innovation List

Analyze Industrial Investment

Focus on Segment Market Racetracks...

Consumption Trends for Healthy H2O

Invite Water-Health Experts to Attend

Adopt S&T to Propel Healthy Water...

Central Kitchen Revolutions

Industrial Appreciation

Development Models & Ideas...

4+ Sync Events

China Tea Culture & Skills Performing Event

CIFB Live Streaming Goods Selection Fair

China Tea Culture & Skills Performing Event

Select & Recommend 50 Tea Bases

Culture Traceability, Technology Traceability

Permeate Tea Culture, Propel Tea Industry...


"Best-Seller Awards"

"Most Influential MCN for Sales Driving"...

Expo Chinese Banquet

2023 Magic Urban Youth Coffee Feast

Interconnect with Expo China Pavilion

Appreciate Excellent & Award-Winning Brands

Present Advanced Technology & Dietary Culture

Collaborate with Lujiazui Financial City

Coffee Culture Feast & Business Venture Contest

Scout Dark Horses, Foster & Develop Self-Owned Brands

Guests Presented at Previous Sessions

Yongtu Long

Co-chairperson, Global CEO Conference;

Former Vice Minister, MOFTEC of PRC;

Advisor, China Commerce Development Center

Qifan Huang

Former Mayor, Chongqing Municipality;

Vice Chairperson, Financial & Economic Committee of 12th NPC;

Deputy Director-General, CCIEE of PRC

Aiqing Fang

Member, National Committee of 13th CPPCC;

Vice Chairperson, Economic Committee of 13th CPPCC;

Former Vice Minister, MOC of PRC

Xiaoqing Wu

Member, Standing Committee of CPPCC National Committee;

Vice Chairperson, Agriculture & Rural Committee of 13th CPPCC;

Vice Chairperson, CNDCA of PRC;Former Vice Minister, MOEP of PRC

Wenjun Jiao

Member, National Committee of 9th & 10th CPPCC;

Former Party Secretary, Beijing Institute of Technology;

Advisor, China Commerce Development Center

Wuchang Zhang

Well-known Economist



Kang Jia

Member, National Committee of 11th & 12th CPPCC;

Member, Economic Committee of 11th & 12th CPPCC;

Chief Economist, China Academy of New Supply-side Economics;

Research Fellow & Doctoral Advisor, Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences

Jinping Zhao

Director, External Economics Research Department of DRC;

Chief Economist, DRTT;

Advisor, China Commerce Development Center


Hongcai Xu

Well-known Economist;

Executive Director, CAPS;

Deputy Director, Economic Policy Committee of CAPS;

Chief Strategic Advisor, China Commerce Development Center

Danpeng Zhu

Food Industry Analyst;

Senior Research Fellow, China Brand Research Institute;

Strategic Advisor for Nestle (China);

Product Strategic Advisor for Coca-Cola;

Mingtao Li

Dean, CIECC Research Institute of MOC;

Chief E-commerce Expert



Zemin Chen

President, AICC of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce;

Co-chairperson, Agriculture & Food Industry Development Committee of China Commerce Development Center;

Former Board Chairperson, Sanquan Food Co., Ltd

Yue Fu

Vice President of Corporate & Government Affairs,

Mondelēz Greater China


Yuanchun Xu

General Manager,

AI Creation Division of Microsoft

Software Technology Center (STC) Asia

Shanlin Bai

Senior Vice Board Chairperson, Agriculture & Animal

Husbandry Food and Retail Business of CP Group China


Shaoling Li

Member of Party Standing Committee & Deputy General

Manager, Beijing Capital Agribusiness & Foods Group

Yanqing Yang

Dean, Yicai Research Institute;

Doctor of Economics by Fudan University

Jianguang Shen

Vice President, Inc;

Chief Economist, JD Technology Group

Bin Xiong

Vice President,

Local Consumer Services Ecosystem of Alibaba Group

Wenxiao Wei

Board Director & Vice President,

Chongqing HONDO Agriculture Group