An inclusive & inspiring platform for F&B stakeholders worldwide to join
Stays true to“embracing, innovative, empowering and all-win”philosophy
Receives 4,500+ premium brands from 60 plus countries all over the world
Attracts 130,000+ buyers & visitors for bulk trades, business development...


To facilitate accurate trade contacts efficiently via rich networks & resources
To empower innovative business models by providing digital service solutions
To contribute cutting-edge dynamics for F&B stakeholders to get head starts...

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“Barometer” 20+ Sync Forums

Initiate brainstorms and serve a feast of messages to food & drink industry via reading policies, dynamics and trends, analyzing cross-border marketing, etc.

Social Organization Standards (SOSs)

Get Healthy Food SOSs spread across, promote industry standardization development, and advocate certification & accreditation for food safety escort.

Rural Revitalization Pavilion

Inspires F&B enterprises to extend industrial chains, set up production bases & supporting facilities, fortify in-depth integration with e-business platforms, etc.

New Categories of Exhibits

Encompass burgeoning concepts of food industry like Central Kitchen, Prepared Food and Mock Meat, and strive to stay at the forefront of the industry.

10 EPIC Activities on Site

Inject new vitality on the base of trade fair and promote new consumption ideas in EPIC (experiential, participatory, interactive & connecting) forms.


Offers year-round services to exhibitors & visitors, and meets more business needs for EECC (exhibition, exchange, communication & connection).



Countries & Regions Worldwide

Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, China,

Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France,

Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea,

Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway,

Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,

Thailand, Turkey, UK, Uruguay, USA, etc.

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