Adhering to the concept of “Integration, Innovation, Empowerment, Win-win”, CIFB gathers 4,500+ high-quality brand companies from 60+ countries and overseas regions around the world every year, It also attracts more than 130,000+ buyers from China and overseas buyers from the chain catering industry, restaurants, importer & exporter, channel dealers, hotels, large supermarkets, convenience stores, E-Business and takeaway platforms.

We aim to facilitate precise and effective trading for both suppliers and demand sides rely on complete resources and professional hosting services. Meanwhile, we provide digital service solutions to empower innovative business models and help you seize market opportunities more quickly and conveniently.


Matchmaking Service

Matching supply with demand precisely

In order to provide more efficient and high-quality matchmaking services, we will maximize the benefits for exhibitors through online and offline channels before, during and after the show, build a bridge between supply and demand throughout the year via CIFB.


As Asia's leading food & Beverage exhibition, CIFB has accumulated many years of resources rooted in this industry. At the same time, we are going to change relationships and facilitate trading, learn more about exhibitors and their products before the exhibition, help buyers find their favorite suppliers and products, and match both sides by inviting them respectively for targeted business . Our focus group will accurately grasp the needs of buyers through effective communication before the exhibition, and assist in closing business negotiations on the exhibition site. Therefore, the suppliers and their new products will be segmented and pushed to the demand side before, during and after the show. We will increase the return rate for exhibitors and accelerate the conclusion of business and cooperation.

Online Portal

Online Portal will integrate five core sections: Exhibitor Center, Visitor Center, Exhibitor Directory, Product Directory, and Event Overview, which can achieve one-stop practical functions such as exhibitor registration, exhibitor information submission and download, visitors registration, mutual invitation between exhibitors and visitors, event management, schedule management etc. The matching system in the Online Portal has also upgraded the recommendation algorithm and personalized recommendation based on big data, making business match more accurately and efficiently. During non-exhibition periods, it will support exhibitors and visitors to introduce each other, facilitate transactions and cooperation between supply and demand parties.

Channel Matchmaking Meeting

Go to various provinces and cities together with us to establish cooperation with local high-quality channels and distributors, and quickly spread the products to the target areas. CIFB is an accurate choice for exhibitors to look for expanding channels.

Cooperative Media

Mainstream media & industry media get together to make industry News Focus.
Live selling, Hot news expounding, exhibition onsite visiting, diversified promotion channels establishing.
Leveraging new social media to hit targeted groups.
Highlighting the product display with On-site interviews.
Multiple press conferences & roadshows to achieve brand endorsement.
Highlighting the official certification with printed materials and onsite advertisements.


countries and overseas groups

UK, Chile, Australia, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Canada, France, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Colombia, Czech Republic, Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Russia, Norway, Turkey,Denmark, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Netherlands, etc

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